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We have changed a to a new “look and feel”. I hope you like it.
We have also made an Abhidhamma Category.


Thank you for this site.

Seeing people pointlessly argue, bad mouthing, eel-wriggling endlessly in another site is so tiring.

The more I visit that website, the more I see Papanca and bad mental kamma.

I hope this site will be a sanctuary for online Theravadin Buddhists.


I’m glad you like it. Robert and I feel the same way too. While we don’t care if the groups stays small, we would like others who feel the same to join too. Not only do we have a new home where we control the server and make the rules, we have a modern server too that uses the software from discourse.org It has a modern look and feel that is rich in features and updated for the times.

I hope you like the new theme.
The latest feature added is emoji-likes. Give it a try :slight_smile:


Do you have any favorite emojis you would like to add to express a “post-like” ? We have a special plugin that allows us to add many like-emojis. Normally Discourse only supports the heart. For now, only positive emojis are allowed.

May this forum maintain it’s orthodoxy a long time into the future !


Sometimes I see a blue screen that is very big, but I thought it was my internet connection. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes not.

We are using the theme called air theme.
You can change the theme settings in your personal preferences.

If we don’t use air theme… then most will look like meta.discourse.org or discourse.suttacentral.net etc…

Feel free to shop around for themes on meta.discourse.org . I can install them.

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No bhante,
This theme seems better.
And home-page is also better.

What I noticed was the absence of full collapse of the versatile-banner because it collapse only a half for me.

It is not a problem at all. This look and feel is more than enough.



I was lucky to copy the post of Zans before he delete it.


Yup… Learning that the owner was not supportive of pure Theravada was the end for me too. Basically the people on other groups search for “latest” posts and just comment where they feel they want to. (we do the same here).

@kokoye2007 from Myanmar was also instrumental in setting up the system by dhamma-dāna. If you need a remote dev ops guy (setting up servers, sysadmin, internet apps, websites, etc)… feel free to contact him, the email and even this mention will bounce in his email.

I personally like to hear gratitude and rejoicing in my merits. It is part of ehem… Theravāda culture. Everyday, we see on the white board know who donated our food. Almost never, is it anonymous. Most kutis have plaques on the outside wall designating the donors. Westerners don’t like this sharing of merit stuff. I totally love it. It is a form of “merit rumination” (and I take the second and more literal definition “The action of chewing the cud” re-digesting the original merit). Most traditional monasteries will have names plastered all over the place. But @RobertK is the original donor who kept this going for 2 years. I approached him with a better solution and kokoye helped implement the initial setup. Robert and I also had very few expectations for the numbers who would join. I still send Robert messages repeatedly showing my gratitude.


We just added a new feature. On a desktop, you can hover your mouse over the listed topic to see a small preview of the topic. Try it!

Just a small note:
If you put a link on the same line as text you will get a hyperlink. If you put the link on its own separate line, you will get an embed. When linking to references to suttacentral, it is best not to give a separate line. You can also use the link tool to provide a link.

This is an example of the reference to the new feature Discourse-tooltips - preview topic contents on hover - plugin - Discourse Meta
This is an example of the new feature listed here using the link tool.

The feature is listed here below on its separate line.

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I have modified the gif button component to make a pāḷi composer popup link to appear in the default theme (light theme). Just click on the GIF button located to the left of the settings icon. It will make a velthius pāḷi composer popup. Some letters you need to type slowly, but it works. Later I will change the button to “P”, but it works now. After you type your word, close the window so you don’t get confused.
I just used it for writing


Later, I might make it work like a proper button should, but this hack works. I prefer using TPP to make my pali words because I can get a list of properly spelled words for me to choose as I type normal letters or velthius. Watch video here.


I have updated the new component to be totally local. Type any velthuis mixed into your post and it will make a copy below. You will need to delete the original until I figure that out. Try it out!

You will see a button called en.Pāḷi in the composer window, type velthuis and click and see what happens. :innocent:

Here is a sample after pressing the paa.li button:
eva.m me sutta.m

--------------------new text--------------------
Here is a sample after pressing the pāḷi button:
evaṃ me suttaṃ
--------------------end text--------------------



To help keep things more harmonious, I have changed the introduction statement to include the feared EBT word, “dogmatic” as a description for our group. :slight_smile:

Now if we are called “dogmatic” as a derogatory word, we can ask such people to help us improve our site description.

The FAQ has been simplified and changed too.

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_/_ Venerables
_/_ Bhante Subhuti

valued Buddhaparisada,

my person has taken on account on vague trust that given, assuming being given and in reach of the Sangha and monstics under the Gems.

May it be not seen as burden to ask about clearancy in this regard.

Independent, but very related, my person would suggest, if those who take Dhamma-Vinaya very serious, or not able to do act outwardly are wished to join, to make a clear invitation in this regard visible.

It it’s also very needed to have a seperat area for monastics to good follow up duties and protocols.

And as the tradition starts with proper regard, dependency, veneration, good to encourage also here by an “Abhivadana-forum”.

[quote=“RobertK, post:1, topic:451”]

Appreciation for care, Nyom Robert, althought it still leaves the most relevant question still a matter of vague trust.

And, to perceive not wrong: it seems to be a lay man “controlled” area, or has it been given to use for the Sangha, or individuall monks? As such matters a lot as well. In other words who is, could be assumed as “Forum” answering? Sangha? A joint adventure of individuals, lay, ordained, or even mixed?

Okasa Bhante,

Upasaka Robert,

just as a feed-forward: it seems to be that there a merely neurotical limitations, restrictions, engagements in control, censue and moderation, that it is to be assumed that anybody who has no certain personal preference whould hardly have much joy to put much efforts into sacrifices into this domain.

Giving space, birth, an existence requires much patient and help, could only be done by a parent-like mind, that of a Brahma. Stressed parents, much to busy with themselves, or to many children elsewhere tend to byapada, even if they mean it well, holding lot in their sphere of control.

Suggested already via pm, good that foremost the Venerables try to get out of such duties.

I can’t find the FAQ…

A quick “Ctrl+F” on the homepage only finds the message to read it. And searching the forums led me here.

If you click on your menu on just next to your “H” circleAvatar, you will see at the bottom a listing for Faq.
We need to make the Faq nicer and more friendly. After that, I will pin the Faq to the general discussion at the top. So people can find the Faq more easilly :slight_smile: .
It would be good to send your input about this and making it more friendly but still having the same message.

I dont see any button on how to contact the admin or mods .