This website forum was created for those who are in favor of Classical Theravāda and for those who seek a supportive environment or safe haven to discuss such topics in English without the entanglements of other “schools” which seem to be the majority in the English Dhamma world. However, Classical Theravada is surely the majority of Theravada Buddhism.

If you are not in favor of Classical Theravāda, which means the full Tipitaka including Abhidhamma and the commentaries and most sub-commentaries, it would be best to join other groups such as dhammawheel or suttacentral which may better match your tastes. If Admin does not feel your posts fit well, they can demand your real name to be revealed.

Furthermore, admin makes the rules here, and your membership can be downgraded, limited, suspended, or deleted for any reason in the name of protecting the well being of the website. However, fairness will be an underlying current.

If you see a problem, flag it.
Please do not violate copyright laws on this website.
Try to stay on topic and see if a topic fits by searching first before creating a new topic.

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