The more Negative a religion is, the more Valuable it becomes

Once Gandhi had said “I respect Buddhism but it is too Negative.”
Many people say Buddhism is too negative.

I think they praise Buddhism thinking that they are condemning.


Invite you to fill in the third column with Ancient and Modern Examples

Or to point out any flaws !

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Seing real faults of formations is wisdom. Wisdom is not negative.
The confusion happens because aversion also sees faults, and that is negativity, and it is not valuable.
The Buddha taught negativity, it’s cause, it’s cessation and the path.
With mettā


Thank you for adding your Wisdom to this forum Venerable Ariyanyana.

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Welcome to the discourse. Search around, you will see that this is a very unique group to help facilitate Classical Theravada Buddhism in English. Such a rare gem.

Goenka, who is the first teacher of many Western Theravadans says that there is optimism, pessimism, but Buddhism is realism. Unfortunately that might not be so entertaining.

Oh… a link to the original discourse is below:… I almost got it right after more than 24 years.

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May be just like “Sunakkhatta” did.

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