RobertK in Bodhgaya and Varanasi next week

If we have any members currently on pilgrimage to the Holy Places I would love to meet up :pray:


Have a great time.


Hallo Robert,
did you know Ajahn Sujin will be in India this weekend 25-26 May?
In fact I think it may be a few more days than I have mentioned.


Thanks @azita Yes we are hoping to meet up with them in varanasi and Sarnath. No idea how many people are travelling with her but last time they went looked amazing.
I appreciate you letting me know as I just happened to see the post by Sarah on dsg about their trip earlier this week and booked tickets the same day. We catch them on their last few days and after they leave we (family) are taking a van to Bodhgaya.
The first and last time I went to the holy places I was already 40 years, Anna will only be 4 :smiley:

BTW next month we are in Bangkok and meeting A. Sujin on 17th and 18th.

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Hi Robert,

are you still in India.
I wanted to check with you if you are still in India so that I can invite you to visit my home if your itenary is flexible.

Additional details below you can read when you get time.

why a late reply:
I recently got to know this site and by reading even a very few of your messages felt that you are sincere practitioner. So to convey that a Dharma brother is there to receive you in India (though not in Gaya) I have to become a member as you have addressed forum members.
But I was not interested to join any forum and preferred to continue my secluded life studying and practicing myself with near zero contact with external world(fearing contact/phassa - vedana and so on) .Nevertheless I have contemplated so many times whether to approach you through the email-id you mentioned in the about page for site emergency purpose and convey that .But I thought it is inappropriate to email to that and not sure how you would receive it. So after lot of back and forth I finally gave up .

why now:
I am managing my practice alone but yesterday i have seen something in another forum ( i am not a member there) , which i felt very very important and thought there is a need for me to go out and interact with people(sangha) who cares Buddha teachings and get the clarification as it is not a matter of sutta clarification which I can as usual depend on dhamma vicaya inorder to avoid contact but it is a matter about Dhamma itself. So a cause has been established to come out and meet someone who can clarify me and this forum serves the purpose with out going and meeting personally. so i have joined this forum . I will check with you whether I can discuss about it or not and open a new thread later.

Though I am not young, this the first time in my life I came to the forum world and also literally with zero social media living .So I might be or have already made some mistakes in communicating .I apologize if I have done any already and also for polluting your personal thread partially.

All other forum members kindly receive my greetings.

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Thank you for joining the forum Sammaseeker, and thanks for your invitation. I arrived home from India today so won’t be able to take up your kind offer.

There is a lot of oversimplified or conflicting, confused information about Dhamma these days: i hope you will take the time to read many threads on this forum and also look at recommended books.
I think you find it worthwhile. :pray:

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Hallo Robert,
Where is home for you these days Rob?
Agree with you about confused info re the Dhamma - however I guess its to be expected as time moves on and further away from the time of Buddha Gautama.
Very much appreciate your photos of India.
Live for understanding the Dhamma the Buddha showed to us.

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