Posting on Buddhist forums

It does take some time to get the feet wet and get the hang of official forum rules, unofficial forum culture, on what to say and what not to say to not be unpopular, etc. So when you face set backs in your future forum adventures (even in other forums, especially in other forums), do not be discouraged and just remember to practise equanimity and learn from the set backs for better right speech.


Thank you venerable,

I understand dhatu diversity → sañña diversity from Lord Buddha teachings to a decent extent so it will be clear where they are coming from like which dhamma is playing role.So every sutta taught by Lord Buddha can be used in every minute of mundane practical life .

Also Dhp:228 makes it clear too, so why expect anything .

Most importantly with what I observed from my very few years of passive reading on suttacentral and few months here is ,even if I beleive 100% this is the right answer and get motivated to post ,it will just remain as one of the view and atmost with few acceptances. So I would never reply and end up as just one view with any guess/speculation or random questions but only straight answers like which sutta is this text in ,so one can search and share that sutta number thats all. similarly for any books.
But even that i am afraid.I understand how devastating communication is and language is and also how two people with different mental development who speak same language still end up with gaps among themselves . I did not join to simply discuss endlessly on forums but as mentioned in why now section ,I want to talk about one thread on other forum ,which is most important to the future .Hence i pushed myself hard to come out of seclusion and join this forum which I refrained in my whole life even becoming a laughing stock for not even using whatsapp .
I have provided the high level information to moderators and waiting for them.

Sir ,I will not join other forums.To join this one itself ,i have spend numerous hours to do or not to.

Yes venerable ,I try my best to practice it and also apply these that there is no one to hate and no one to love and when I see which dhamma (akusala dhamma list and kusala dhamma list ) has acted upon , all I can see is x-akusala dhamma has reflected from others by this body act or speech act so the x-akusala dhamma has to be hated not the person through which it came from and similarly liking kusala dhamma and not the person showing it and use them for development.
Sir i understand it is no joke to follow first five precepts and try to be cautious most importantly I fear contact and communication.
I also have learnt observing how people respond to your posts on suttacentral and even to the extent of flagging which made me understand more how the world is running.

Thanks venerable ,kindly receive my respect which I wanted to tell for long ,but not being on suttacentral i never was able to.
And why i am respecting you is not hypocritically or dogmatically but you are the only one (or in the spirit of not falling as lie unknowingly, one of few rare mendicants) who actually said ,i checked with my TEACHER or SO and SO venerable and came back to discuss answers which others dont do.The ugly part is lot of mendicants instead of asking their teacher, come join the forum and ask very basic questions and even more surprising is they give discourses.

Made me curious what it is. Anyway, best way if you wish to contribute is to go there yourself and write! I don’t think the role of a mod is to be a message to whoever wants to share but doesn’t want to join, but maybe the mods would make an exception for you.


I do that here! Haha.

I do that too, well, very basic level ones, in real life. Sometimes, my replies on forums are like essay’s worth of content.

Fear is aversion to a certain future. Just being our best to say right speech, however others react is not on us. Of course, we can do better not to push people’s buttons if we know. But being too fearful makes us unable to benefit the world. Being in the present moment is one way to reduce fear as one doesn’t mentally travel to a certain bad future outcome.

If there is a direct messaging here ,you could message me.

venerable , I understand .yes that is the right thing to do.or else it will be like people will think I am talking ill of others on some other site and not before them.

But here is the thought process I went through (not in Abhidhammic terminology though)

Because it is a sensitive thread ,they not understanding I have nothing against anyone and just seeking clarification

1.they will quickly goto defence and will flag the content I wrote.

2.They will flag it and also delete my account

3.They will let my content with out flagging but taking it wrong ,instead of giving useful replies so many people who misunderstand will keep educating me with unrelated matter.

4.The damage,I foresee would be done by then.

And it is waste of time for me and many there and most importantly when i am breaking my seclusion ,i need to see where would i get clarity and result .

Here too when i mention it , i am not against anyone or favourable to anyone ,I am just a secluded person minding my practice but broke seclusion only for this one very serious thread (as per my thinking )though there any many worthless and damaging threads in that forum I refrained from involving into.

Those comments are not intended to you. Though I cannot prove them as they are subtle things vitakka-vicara vaci sankhara ,they depend on your trust towards me and not material that we can submit some proofs. Still I apologize if you felt they are directed to you.

This is one quick example of miscommunication with in just few posts because when i say fear you assumed I am afraid of others reacting to me. But i have lived that type of fear for several years and once i found Lord teachings ,I have additional fear of others not being hurt by me .

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Suttacentral is not a fun place if you are not a follower of their creed. Dhammawheel is not a fun place. We could say our place is not fun if you are not an Orthodox Theravādan.
If you are an Orthodox Theravādan, you will feel right at home. This was why the group was created. We don’t need to be big and popular. We only need to be proper Theravāda. Theravāda by itself is orthodox. Anything else should have a prefix to it.

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Greetings Bhante,
Thanks .

I aplologize Robert for polluting your thread, but needed to reply here.

Let me clarify ,I am not against suttacentral or any other forum or any living being .
It is where I read Suttapitaka and it is a valuable site .

Now language is so tough ,I know it even with mundane first hand experience how big problems speech brings .

So when you say FUN there are many who are in the forums for various reasons and I am not sure which reason your definition of FUN includes.

As I am obliged to reply providing clarification ,let me make use of this message and also the context to list a few reasons why people are on forum and slowly might be on other forums too and may join or already joined this forum.

1.There are serious practitioners who come there seeking clarification or willing to contribute if they believe they know answers to others doubt.

2.There are sincere freshers who somehow got to know the words of Lord Buddha ,felt deep ,profound and as truth and not having a Sangha nearby or beleiving that forum can advice them ,somehow they end up at suttacentral seeking guidance. They seriously want to pursue the teachings of Buddha and need more clarity

3.There are several sincere people who are skilled in technology or someother field willing to contribute their best in terms of tools or whichever way they can. Many tools are built around Suttacentral.
They may or may not be Buddhists .

4.There are people who come there for intellectual satisfaction. (The deep and profound enlightened knowledge of Buddha and modern day scholars analysis is a great food for many)

5.There are some self declared scholars seeking the member base of the suttacentral and for promoting their work.

6.There are other religion people who come to market their religion as and when some negative thread starts up they take over or sometimes they just start dumping information even in other scholarly discussions.

7.There are people who are there only to create negative threads pretending ignorance like: in this sutta Buddha spoke like this ,in that he spoke this and raising several doubts but intending to put Buddha in badlight.
** These threads are created by genuine practitioners too ,so it is tough to differentiate them.

8.There are people who are not Buddhists but come and provide replies and several innocent members get carried away as if what they are providing is the true history or truth as if they understand heritage.

9.They are dedicated mudslingers by motive to malign Buddha ,the teaching and also to destroy faith who are new comers and also who have not gained complete faith in the Buddha.

10.There are many people who come sincerely to learn and only contribute/write when needed and also remain passive.

I can go on but you can see with out accepting any beliefs of suttacentral how few are finding fun there.

Whatever your definition is ,I am not here for fun .
MN 1: I have faith in this sutta and the words of Buddha.
Nandī dukkhassa mūlan’ti

So not a problem.

Like I said above ,it depends on the definition you use for orthodox.There are so many definitions and i do not want to put them here .
Also the problem using this word is, informally others start perceiving the following when that word is used.
b)Unwilling/hard to change even after one shows some proofs (conservative)

But we are not both of them but ended up portraying ourselves as that by using that word.

As for dogmatism:

The word saddha is translated as faith and faith word is already polluted as dogmatic.
But to gain saddha as used in Tipitaka is no joke. It is not dogmatic faith.

It is like in MN 56, upali sir explains niganthas teachings and Lord Buddha teachings with monkey dyeing analogy. It is even more than grilling ,but instead of me writing more words I wanted to use Upali sir words.

As for unwilling to change and are conservative:

We are not someone who argues rabbit has 3 legs but who are willing to learn and correct ourselves when proven.But because we did not find anything wrong ,there is nothing to change our stance on scriptures when someone comes and shouts this sutta is wrong that word is wrong. It sounded wrong only to them because they have not done their homework properly. So when someone comes up with valid reason undeniable I will accept.

isn’t it just a nama.
What I am trying to convey is simple ,they are just names/naming.

and one who is a Buddhist mendicant as defined by Tipitaka AN 8.19 is samana sakyaputtiyā .

Again ,Like I said above it depends on the definition you use for this.
For some ,home is hell for others it is where they want to reach quickly.
For me home should be other shore not here .So there is no feeling right at home anywhere even including the place from where I am typing right now. (please note I am not making any assumptions of literally having a home on farshore and getting into postnibbana discussions.)

If from above my position is not clear , I want to explain my position as follows.

I am/want to be sakyaputta
I respect and not reject commentaries,Abhidhamma .Even if I get a doubt,I will humble myself that my capability is limited and asravas high and not jump to conclusions completely depending on analysis and dhammavicaya and not anyone else other than Suttapitaka(most recently started referring commentaries,Abhidhamma )

If that is not acceptable to your policies please let me know .


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