Please, help - “Live” List of Pali Commentaries’ English Translations

Hello everybody,
This is my list of Commentaries translated to English. What is not “Commercial” should be included here - Pali Commentaries Atthakatha - English Translations Collection : The Great Atthakatha Masters and Translators : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive ready for download & study.


This list is live, which means, that we can change it according to the replies in the discussion. I may not be alive forever and I may not be available always. But let me promise that I will update at least once a month if I get the notification of your suggestions.

So, here is the fifth attempt for a full list of Pali Commentaries. I will update the list according to your comments. (A disclaimer—I do not guarantee the quality of any of the translations in the list.) The list has three parts -

  1. Free: Free means you can download it. I have uploaded the “free” but I worry that some “free” may have a copyright restriction against my uploading. In that case, I want to remove them from the collection in the download link and here add just the link where it is available. I don’t understand copyright law and whenever I tried to learn it instead of understanding I actually had more questions than answers. Please, help me recognize what is commercial and free to upload and what not, I may be terribly wrong in my assessment. Free resources can be downoaded here.
  2. Commercial: Commercial means there is no way to download them for free. They include a link to buy.
  3. Theoretical or Planned: Theoretical are in the dream sphere (somebody said something and there it ended.) Planned means that somebody has already undertaken the translation of the particular text. (Please, note, that Conditional Relations by U Nārada is not Commentary, it is a translation of the main Abhidhamma Paṭṭhāna. The same thing is with Dhātukathā by U Nārada, and Puggalapaññatti by B.C. Law. Only the main texts are translated, not their Commentaries. MN translation of Raṭṭhapāla Sutta in Wheel 110 doesn’t contain the Commentary. Ven. Vimalaramsi’s essay on Ānāpānassati does not include a Commentary. C.E. Godakumbura’s Apadana is only a Pali transcript, not translation.)

Please, help me update and improve this list, either by searching and revealing another’s translation or by your own translation. I will also try my best.

Because translations of Sub-Commentaries are extremely rare I include them inside this list and mark them as “B” in their number code. “A” is for Commentary if needed for distinguishment. 00 is for Vinaya Piṭaka, 01 is Dīgha Nikāya, 02 is Majjhima Nikāya, 03 is for Saṃyutta Nikāya, 04 is for Aṅguttara Nikāya, 05 is for Khuddaka Nikāya and the second number is for each book out of the 18 as decided by the Sixth Buddhist Council, 06 is for Abhidhamma, and 07 is for other Pali books numbered according to their position in Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyanā Tipiṭaka 4.0 Software.

List of Abbreviations


  • Vin-a: Samantapasadika Bahiranidana, Inception of Discipline and Vinaya Nidana—N.A. Jayawickrama (Sacred Books of the Buddhists Vol.21) London-1962 (272p).pdf
  • Vin-a: Vinaya Commentary, Samantapasadika, Shan-Chien-P’i-P’o-Sha, Sanghabhadra’s Chinese Samantapasadika (tr. by Prof. P.V. Bapat and Prof. A. Hirakawa) (652p).pdf

Dīgha Nikāya

  • DN-a 1: *Brahmajāla Sutta, The Discourse All Embracing Net of Views*—Bhikkhu Bodhi(OCRed) (372p).pdf
  • DN-a 2: Sāmaññaphala Sutta and its Commentaries, The Fruits of Recluseship—Bhikkhu Bodhi, BPS-Kandy,2008(1989) (197p).pdf
  • DN-a 15: Mahānidāna Sutta Commentary, The Great Discourse on Causation—Bhikkhu Bodhi (OCRed) (82p).pdf
  • DN-a 16: Mahāparinibbāna Sutta Commentary, The Mission Accomplished—Pategama Gnanarama Phd (236p).pdf
  • DN-a 28: Sampasādanīya Sutta Commentary Sampasādanīyasuttavaṇṇanā—Jnan Nanda for PhD at the University of Hong Kong, 2019 (284p).pdf


Majjhima Nikāya


  • Kp-a: Khuddakapāṭha Commentary, Minor Readings and Illustrator (PTS) (OCRed) (384p).pdf
  • Kp-a: Khuddakapāṭha Tirokuṭṭa Sutta Commentary (extracted from Khuddaka Nikāya Anthology, The Five Nikāyas) MM Pali-EN 1978 (16p).pdf


Best e-copy found here:

  • Dhp-a: Dhammapada Commentary (Buddhist Legends) vol.1,2,3 - E.W.Burlingame, ven. Khemaratana, Anandajoti Bhikkhu, 2020(1917) (1030p).pdf
  • Dhp-a: Dhammapada Stories—Gambiro Bhikkhu (126p).pdf
  • Dhp-a: Dhammapada, Treasury of Truth—Weragoda Sarada Thero (without pictures) (1250p).pdf



  • Snp-a: Suttanipāta Commentary Paramatthajotikā (only introductions to each sutta’s Commentary)—Burma Pitaka Association, edited by Bhikkhu Pesala (48p).pdf


  • Snp-a: Suttanipāta Commentary, The Suttanipāta – An Ancient Collection of the Buddha’s Discourses Together with Its Commentaries (The Teachings of the Buddha)—Bhikkhu Bodhi (1083p).pdf : Suttanipata Bodhi


  • Thig-a: Therīgāthā—Canda Therī Commentary (Eng.) (OCRed) (5p).pdf












Best e-copy found here:

  • Ja-a: Jātaka Commentary Jātakaṭṭhakathā, only Nidānakathā, The Story of Gotama Buddha, vol.1—N.A. Jayawickrama (294p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales of the Buddha 1—ven. Kurunegoda Piyatissa, T. Anderson, BuddhaNet (265p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales of the Buddha 2—ven. Kurunegoda Piyatissa, T. Anderson, BuddhaNet (193p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales of the Buddha 3 (only 512, 190, 322, 407) (14p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales Part 1-5—Ken and Visaka Kawasaki (Bodhi Leaves) (63p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales, Selected and Edited with Introduction and Notes—H.T. Francis and E.J. Thomas, Cambridge-96 (530p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātakas—vocabulary and glossary—I.B. Horner (21p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—The Jātaka Translation - T.W. Rhys Davids, R. Chalmers, H.T. Francis, W.H.D. Rouse, E.B. Cowel, revised Ānandajoti Bhikkhu, 2021(1880) (2964p).pdf


  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales of the Buddha An Anthology (vol.1) - Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, PariyattiPress-2018 (488p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales of the Buddha An Anthology (vol.2) - Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, PariyattiPress-2018 (472p).pdf
  • Ja-a: Jātakas—Jātaka Tales of the Buddha An Anthology (vol.3) - Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, PariyattiPress-2018 (469p).pdf


  • Apad-a: Apadāna Commentary - U Lu Pe Win (Eng.) (5p).pdf


  • Apad-a: Apadāna Commentary Visuddhajanavilāsinī—Daya Gunasekara, part 2, 2011 (309p).pdf
  • Apad-a: Apadāna Commentary Visuddhajanavilāsinī—Daya Gunasekara, part 2, 2011 (309p).pdf
    Not available through any online means. However, I have it. So it exists. On April 11 2022, I called on the phone +94-11-2734256 to contact Buddhist Cultural Center, 125, Anderson Road, Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. They confirmed they have the book in the shop.


  • 05.13 Apadāna Commentary Visuddhajanavilāsinī—Daya Gunasekara, part 2, 2011 (309p).pdf
    Not available through any online means. However, I have it. So it exists. On April 11 2022, I called on the phone +94-11-2734256 to contact Buddhist Cultural Center, 125, Anderson Road, Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. They confirmed they have the book in the shop.


  • Bv-a: Madhuratthavilāsinī—Commentary on Buddhavamsa (PTS) (OCRed) (510p).pdf


  • Mil-a: Milindapañhā Commentary—Jetavana Mingun Sayadaw (review Tony Scott, only an outline) (16p).pdf


  • Ab-t: A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma—Bhikkhu Bodhi (excerpt- introduction) (17p).pdf
  • Ab-t: Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha—Alexander S. Berger (310p).pdf
  • Ab-t: Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha (Manual of Abhidhamma)—Nārada Mahā Thera (486p).pdf
  • Ab-t: Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha, A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma—Bhikkhu Bodhi (OCRed) (425p).pdf



  • Vism: Visuddhimagga—Samatha Advanced Lv 1—Mehm Tin Mon (154p).pdf
  • Vism: Visuddhimagga—Samatha Advanced Lv 2—Mehm Tin Mon (176p).pdf
  • Vism: Visuddhimagga explanation (rewritten from tapes, unknown author) (475p).pdf
  • Vism: Visuddhimagga, The Path of Purification—Bhikkhu Nanamoli, 2011 (853p).pdf
  • Vism: Visuddhimagga, The Path of Purity—Maung Tin vol.1, 1923 (107p).pdf
  • Vism: Visuddhimagga, The Path of Purity—Maung Tin vol.2, 1929 (415p).pdf
  • Vism-t: Visuddhimagga Ṭīkī—A Study in Paramatthamañjūsā With Special Reference to Paññā—Cha Myang Hee (OCRed) (581p).pdf


  • 07.5.02 Sāsanavaṃsa—The History of the Buddha’s Religion—B. C. Law (200p).pdf


  • Mhvs: Mahāvaṃsa—Tourner (OCRed) (383p).pdf
  • Mhvs: Mahāvaṃsa Extended (chapters 5, 12-15, 18-20), Asoka and the Missions—Ānandajoti Bhikkhu (86p).pdf
  • Mhvs: Mahāvaṃsa or the Great Chronicle of Ceylon—Wilhelm Geiger (380p).pdf
  • Mhvs: Mahāvaṃsa, Extended Mahāvaṃsa 12-14, Asokan Missions—G.P. Malalasekara, Ānandajoti Bhikkhu (40p).pdf


  • 07.6.01 Moggallānabyākaraṇa—hand-written notes of ven. Paññādhika (47p).pdf


  • 07.6.02 Kaccāyanabyākaraṇa—En tr. U Nandisena, 2009 (250p).pdf


  • 07.7.05 Lokanīti, LawKaNiTeat—TatToe (Myanmar and English, Pali is omitted) (199p).pdf


  • 07.9.02 Thūpavaṃsa (Introduction), Emotions and Ethics in Buddhist History The Sinhala Thūpavaṃsa and the Work of Virtue—S.C. Berkwitz (19p).pdf


Theoretical or Planned

(nothing in this section yet…)


  • 00 Vinaya Piṭaka original Samantapāsādikā (what we have is not strict translation of the Theravāda version)
  • 01 DN 3-14, 17-27, 29-34
  • 02 MN Commentary 2,3, 5-8, 11-19, 21-32, 34-99, 101-117, 119-121,123-152
  • 03 SN Commentary all
  • 04 AN Commentary all
  • 05.08 Theragāthā Commentary
  • 05.11 Niddesa Commentary
  • 05.12. Paṭisambhidāmagga Commentary
  • 05.15 Cariyāpiṭaka Commentary
  • 05.16 Nettippakaraṇa Commentary
  • 05.17 Peṭakopadesa Commentary
  • 06 Dhātukathā, Puggalapaññatti, Yamaka, and Paṭṭhāna Commentaries
  • 07.2 Saṃgāyana Pucchā Vissajjanā
  • 07.3 Leḍī Sayāḍo—Nirutti, Paramattha, Anudīpanī, and Paṭṭhānuddesadīpanī
  • 07.4 Buddhavandanāganthasaṅgaho – Namakkāraṭīkā, Mahāpanāma, Lakkhaṇāto Buddhathomanāgathā, Sutavandanā, Jinālaṅkāra, Kamalāñjali, Pajjamadhu, Buddhaguṇagāthāvalī
  • 07.5.1 Cūḷaganthavaṃsa
  • 07.6 Saddanīti, Padarūpasiddhi, Moggallānapañcikā, Payogasiddhi, Vuttodaya, Abhidhānappadīpikā, Subodhālaṅkāra, Bālāvatāra Gaṇṭhipadatthavinicchayasāra
  • 07.7. Nītiganthasaṅgaho—Kavidappananīti, Nītimanjarī, Dhammanīti, Mahārahanīti, Suttantanīti, Sūrassatinīti, Cāṇakyanīti, Naradakkhadīpanī, Caturārakkhadīpanī
  • 07.8. Pakiṇṇakaganthasaṅgaho—Rasavāhinī, Sīmavisodhanīpāṭha, Vessantaragīti
  • 07.9. Moggallāna Vuttivivaraṇapañcikā, Dāṭhāvaṃsa, Dhātupāṭhavilāsiniyā, Dhātuvaṃsa, Hatthavanagallavihāravaṅsa, Jinacaritaya, Jinavaṃsadīpaṃ, Telakaṭāhagāthā, Milidaṭīkā, Padamañjarī, Padasādhanaṃ, Saddabindupakaraṇaṃ, Kaccāyanadhātumañjūsā, Samantakūṭavaṇṇanā

What a wonderful record and resource, Venerable!


Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu Venerable for putting comprehensive this list where it is very much appreciated. This is a gem for the Classical Theravada community. If you don’t mind, I will periodically edit your post to include links to the freely available works.

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Yes, of course, venerable bhante. Any time edit anything I write, please. :sun_with_face:

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The Pali Text Society has commercial translations of the Sammohavinodanī and Abhidhammatthavibhāvinī.

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It is actually true. I see that I have both part 1 and 2 of the Sammohavinodani, Commentary to Vibhanga, but now I do not see any way how I can edit my post. I do not see a button to edit, neither at the top nor at the bottom of my post. :thinking:

I am now in the process of obtaining the Abhidhammatthavibhāvinī. Until I have it, I do not believe it exists (or that it is possible to have it). So, first I need to obtain, and then I will add. Everything in the list is now in the laptop I use. This makes the items in the list 100% reliable. :sun_with_face:

the only

Dear Venerable
You should see a pen icon at the bottom of all of your posts?

I don’t see any pen picture or icon, small or big, at the bottom or top of my post. :upside_down_face: :thinking:

Sorry about that venerable. I get one with all my posts but it must be because I am an admin. I will see if we can adjust something so that you can edit your posts…
update: Your membership level has been changed - can you check now and see that you can edit ?

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Thank you all for your patience.

Here are some updates I made to the list:
(a) added Vibhanga commentary (Sammohavinodani) into the Commercial section
(b) PTS website has their list of books down temporary, so for now and for any such disaster in the future I have added alternative links to the relevant commercial books
(c) Majjhima Nikaya Commentary plan is removed from the Theoretical and Planned section, because there is no useful information on it available to me.
(d) I have already received the Dhammapada Commentary, so the comment that I have not received it yet is deleted.
(e) The Abhidhammatthasangaha of Bhadantacariya Anuruddha and the Abhidhammatthavibhavini-Tika of Bhandantacariya Sumangalasami is also added with the note that I have not received it yet.
(f) There is also added note that it is possible to get my PDF of visuddhajanavilasani if the recipient will delete it within 24 hours after receiving it (because it is nowhere available to download or purchase online, neither as a PDF nor in printed version).


Maybe the link could be directed to the to wayback machine of, for example

It would be amazing if we could have a wayback machine link that updates itself. Otherwise it may get outdated… The link to PTS that (sometimes) works gets updated, so let’s keep it for now. :blush:

As far as I know, the wayback machine do update itself as evident in the chart at this page*/

The latest version can be accessed by removing the date in the URL

I have added some links, but it will take time to find all of them and edit them. I will later download those books and add them to my archive account so they will not change and then re-link them again. has recently edited some or most of the Abhidhamma books as proper text documents.

If you have an item you would like to add, please send a private message to myself, @RobertK or @monkSarana (preferably this OP venerable :slight_smile: )

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applied, thank you very much :sun_with_face:

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One of our members requested this file which I found on scribd
149740885-Minor-Readings-and-Illustrator-nanamoli-1960 (1)-compressed.pdf (7.3 MB)


Thanks a lot Robert :pray:


It looks like The Expositor (Atthasalini) is public domain… Google says book published before 1923 are pub domain. (this was published in 1921). These books are so rich. Love it!


I see that the PTS recently made more works in addition to the mula as cc-by-nc
This is taken from their website for the copyright notice.


08 April 2021

The Pali Text Society is pleased to announce that the following works, whose copyright is owned by the Pali Text Society, are now issued under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licence (CC BY-NC 4.0) Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International — CC BY-NC 4.0.

Dispeller of Delusion , tr. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli
The Guide , tr. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli
The Minor Readings and The Illustrator of the Ultimate Meaning , tr. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli
The Path of Discrimination , tr. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli
The Piṭaka Disclosure , tr. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli


Dear friends, I would like to make an update to the list. It seems ven. Anandajoti has revised the Jatakas. His revised version is now available as a single file, very easy to work with. I have also updated my collection in

However, I cannot access the editing mode of my post anymore. If I get permission to edit my post :upside_down_face: I’ll be most happy to update it. :sun_with_face: