Introduce yourself

Here is a place where you can introduce yourself.
If you were a monk or currently a monk, say so.
How many years have you been into Classical Theravada?
Where are you from?
How did you hear about this group?

This was created for new members such as @Trekmentor

OK. Here I go…

I am Kamal Wickramanayake from Sri Lanka. I came across this forum while searching the Internet a few months ago. It’s only recently I thought of signing up and see if I could be helpful to the others and also learn from others.

I am not a monk and haven’t been a monk before.

My Pali literacy is not the best, but I can read to some extent. It has been more than 20 years since I had an increased interest towards Buddhism. But it has been about 10 years since I started investigating Pali Canon. I have mostly read the Sinhala language translation.

I go with all the three baskets of Pali Canon and commentaries. I don’t understand everything, but the Pali Canon and commentaries haven’t failed me so far.

I am all for Theravada and wouldn’t dance to the tune of jokers like those at dhammawheel dot com. What good is there to use the name but enforce the rules of others (not Lord Buddha)?

I do what I can to protect Theravada. I am of my own. I try my best to support the followers. I also do things to deter the work of those who go against Theravada but claim to be the followers of Lord Buddha. Some don’t like it but I take effort to keep myself aligned with Lord Buddha’s teaching.


Welcome to the group. It is perfectly fine to voice your opinion against jokes.
I hope you can find some topics that interest you. You seem to be a good fit with your description.
Brows around and see if any topics are interesting to you.

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My name is Bhante Subhūti and I am the co-founder of this Classical Theravada website with @RobertK with the wonderful technical help of @kokoye2007 . I am a monk and I have been following Classical Theravāda for over 20 years. I have spent a great deal of my monk life at Pa-Auk and Na-Uyana as a meditator and now I’m starting to learn pariyatti at IIT.

I have helped make few Buddhist applications with the help of others.
Tipitaka Pali Reader (android, windows, ios, mac, linux)
Buddhist Sun (android and ios only)
Tipitaka Pali Projector (not supported anymore). (windows, mac and Linux snap)
My main personal website is below:

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