How respected is the Vinaya in Pa-Auk?


Venerable Bhikkhu Subhuti’s article about where to be ordained as a monk, raised this question in my mind: to what extent is Vinaya respected at Pa-Auk monasteries ?

Apparently, relative to Thai monasteries, Pa-Auk has a good Vinaya respect rate. But I’d like to know more precisely, please. Do the majority of monks respect the Vinaya? Or only a minority? And do they manage to respect the Vinaya constantly, or are there periods when the Vinaya is only temporarily respected?

Thank you in advance.

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I think I covered this in my article that there are plenty of monks in pa-auk who are following vinaya “while they are there.” I think 50% who follow all the time (inside or outside of the monastery) is a safe bet for pa-auk main outside of pandemic times.
Maymyo would be higher. Maybe 75%. It is difficult to really know. What we do is look at where they came from.

Following vinaya while inside the monastery would be quite high. However, the monks often superficially “renounce” their unallowable belongings and not many questions are asked about how well they renounced their unallowable items: (money, and things bought with money).

However, the monks have a chance to try the vinaya life and see what it is like. Many monks choose to stay long term. If they stay long enough and replace their belongings the legal way, then they are likely to stay. Whatever you think of the method, know one thing. Pa-Auk is growing and the number of monks who follow vinaya full time are also growing. While I might want to mention things that need to be done, I’m not even close to the wisdom of Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadawgyi.

The vinaya standard besides all of that will be in accordance to the commentaries and most often the sub commentaries too.
Wat Khao is one of my favorite monasteries in Thailand. The vinaya will be similar to pa-auk. However, they will ask a few more questions before letting visiting monks attend the patimokkha. However, I have not been there long enough to really know what percent is there long term and those just visiting.

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Thank you very much @ekocare and @bksubhuti !!!