Any Dhammas Cause You Tears Of Joy?

Sometimes when I read a certain sutta and comes to a touchy point where I suddenly felt so amazing and I got tears in my eyes.

Have you guys experience this before?

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I get a nice feeling when i hear the words.

“aññāsi vata, bho koṇḍañño, aññāsi vata bho koṇḍañño"ti. iti hidaṃ āyasmato koṇḍaññassa ‘aññāsikoṇḍañño’ tveva nāmaṃ ahosi.”

From Dhammacakka.

I can get real tears of joy, when I contemplate how lucky I am to be a monk, or when I contemplate my teachers. It comes while I’m talking about monk life or (to) my teachers I have to stop talking when I feel the tears coming.Otherwise, they really come. I guess that is what they call, “Getting choked up”.