About donation to monks

What is other way to make a donation to sangha

What if someone living in a land ,a country where there is no monestry , no bhikku sangha , near by .

In tha case how can one donate to sangha.


Contact the office of a monastery in any country and arrange a donation.

  • Ask for the official bank account number and how to give a remote donation. (confirm that it is the true official account).
  • Let the office know what your donation is for. (food/medicine etc. )
  • Ask for a receipt and an Anumodana (rejoice) letter. (photos if possible)
  • If there are known monks or people in that monastery let them know and rejoice with them.

(There might be other ways of donating which other members here know as well)

Ask a friend of yours in such a country to give a Sanghika-dana for you (by sending him money and discussing with) and ask to send some photos of the offering.

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Ok I will do the same … thanks for explaining…

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