About donation to monks

What is other way to make a donation to sangha

What if someone living in a land ,a country where there is no monestry , no bhikku sangha , near by .

In tha case how can one donate to sangha.


Contact the office of a monastery in any country and arrange a donation.

  • Ask for the official bank account number and how to give a remote donation. (confirm that it is the true official account).
  • Let the office know what your donation is for. (food/medicine etc. )
  • Ask for a receipt and an Anumodana (rejoice) letter. (photos if possible)
  • If there are known monks or people in that monastery let them know and rejoice with them.

(There might be other ways of donating which other members here know as well)

Ask a friend of yours in such a country to give a Sanghika-dana for you (by sending him money and discussing with) and ask to send some photos of the offering.


Ok I will do the same … thanks for explaining…


So I have found one monestry near me …
And there is monk. I have decided to donate them food whenever I am able to do so.
So it will be Sunday’s…
So I have some queries…

  1. I want to give the food which I like most … or which I have tried and tastes very good. I live in hostel I can’t cook. So I like nonveg dishes. I know monk are prohibited to eat nonveg in five situation. So I just want to make sure Is it ok to donate nonveg if it is already clocked by hotels…

  2. I want to donate fruit juice and buttermilk which comes in small storage packs. I heard monks can’t store food with them. So is it ok to donate such food??? Or any food which have longer shelf life …

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I don’t know of the 5 ways… I know of the 3 purifications.

The animal should not be killed for the monk.

  • It is not seen
  • It is not heard
  • It is not suspected

When you give meat, you can say “This meat is allowable according to the 3 purifications”

If they have a kappiya it can be given directly to the kappiya and then the kappiya can offer at the appropriate time. As for buttermilk, this would be before 12 Noon. For juice, some would say it is an evening drink but not to be stored. However, the juice cannot be heated by means other than a sun. So the packaged factory juice usually falls into “heated by means other than sun”.


Bhante and masters…I have read 5th method of pa auk sayadaw.

I admit that I want pleasure in life and that’s why I donate

And I do donate food to needy and monks …but after every donation I share my merits with all living beings. And all my dead and undead relatives… specially I say …they all be happy and peaceful…

I thought it’s selfish to just ask for myself…


If someone practice jhana. … vipaka of that jhana kamma is Brahma birth…

There should be kamma first then only vipaka can arise…

People who follow pancha Shila do not do that kamma …eg they doo not steal, do not commit any bad kamma …so not performing any kamma how it result in good vipaka…
I think becouse they do not perform bad kamma there mind loose bad tendency and only good chittas of previous good kamma (donation)arise. They increase probability

Doing donation is a act of performing good. Which is going to give pleasent vipaka. Even a person is not following Shila that extent. If he donate food everyday. He will also increase his chances of getting good vipaka…

And I observed donation help to develop metta …

Am I right???

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