Donation by someone's name

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So i want to add and ask more.

If one make donation and he wants to give benifit of donation to his relative…so after performing donation and by making wish only like may the good effect of this donation goes to my parents , mother will work?

.Or I need to tell them that I made donation by there behalf and they must rejoice for that. What if someone dosent rejoice but remained neutral.

Please help

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I think only if they rejoice can they get merit, but I could be wrong.
There are other devas and petas who can rejoice.
Paradattūpajīvika peta can get benefit and you should share with all beings (who might be your relatives). Then some who are able to know can get merit.


Bhante is there any stanza or anything which I should say to
sharing benifit with everyone
Also what is the benifit of sharing with everyone… instead of sharing with only dead relatives

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