5 Precepts as a indicator of Stream Entry

Maybe out of topic but… Could Pancasila a good indicator to check whether one is Sotapanna or not?

For me, I have abandoned killing and I couldn’t even hurt a single ant or mosquito that bit me (I will just gently blow it away or let it climb on a small piece of paper and I put it down at ground let it go away). I have abandoned stealing. I don’t chase after other people’s girlfriends and will not have sexual relationship with daughters or wives of others (though such distorted & erotic culture persists here in my country). I abandoned alcoholic beverages and I don’t drink Sake even being intimidated by my Japanese boss in previous company.

But my problem is… when I talk to my office colleagues, I will still joke around with them and have a friendly chit chat with them, but sometimes I speak without much thinking and committed falsehood (white lies). So, definitely I’m not a Sotapanna yet, since I’m prone to breaking 4th precept. (I need to restrain myself on speech…)

I split this topic and moved it to morality.

While it is good to be mindful. A full offense for lying is.

  1. You know you are going to lie
  2. You lie
  3. You know you lied.

Other people can comment on the 5 precepts and Sotapannas or higher.

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Further, Bhante, it’s not a topic on Sila, but right view, that determines whether hell is abound or not. A live with perfect Sila, if not gained right view, still not secured, a live with perfect Vinaya, if not gained right view, still objected to low realms.