What's next for the majority of Theravadin Buddhists?


There are about 150 million Theravadins in the world.

In your opinion, for the majority of them, what is the most likely future for them? Most will continue to wander in the suffering of samsara for billions of lifetimes? Or do most of them have enough faith/wisdom to never again fall into the unfortunate destinies (animals, peta, hell)? Will most of them reach nibbana one day?

I ask this because I have the impression that for the Buddha, it’s ULTRA HARD to reach nibbana, or even to stop falling into bad destinies.

Even Ven. Ananda, although he was a monk and by the Buddha’s side all the time for 20 years, only managed to achieve nibbana after the Buddha’s death.

It sounds so hard that I have the impression that most Theravadin Buddhists will remain in the suffering of samsara.

Is the way of life and thinking of the majority of Buddhists is enough to really progress (reach nibbana, or at least no more bad rebirths) ?

Thanks in advance

May all beings accumulate much wisdom.


Pointless to think about this.
What is important is to discern what the path is little by little.

There are three rounds, So long, bhikkhus, as my knowledge and vision of these Four Noble Truths as they really are in their three phases and twelve aspects was not thoroughly purified in this way…
, SuttaCentral

Bodhi Note 382 The three phases (tiparivaṭṭa) are: (i) the
knowledge of each truth (saccañāṇa), e.g., “This is the
noble truth of suffering”; (ii) the knowledge of the task to
be accomplished regarding each truth (kiccañāṇa), e.g.,
“This noble truth of suffering is to be fully understood”;
and (iii) the knowledge of accomplishment regarding
each truth (katañāṇa), e.g., “This noble truth of suffering
has been fully understood.” The twelve modes
(dvādasākāra) are obtained by applying the three
phases to the four truth…

Even the first one, saccañāṇa, takes effort to discern… It is a deep intellectual understanding of the nature of dhammas. But if that becomes clear then one is well on the way.


As understanding develops it is accompanied by saddha, confidence. Then issues like this resolve themselves. It is the natural consequence, the way conditions work.
There will be less view of self and the consequent clarity impacts all aspects of life.

With regards to the progress of other people we all have our part to play.
We can ask questions or give replies. Discussions are an important way understanding can grow.

Even a small forum like this can assist. Ven Subhuti and me are really happy that keen members like you participate here. Sometimes the right question or comment can aid the understanding of someone who is only reading. Or it might encourage them to check if the Abhidhamma is true at this moment.


Thank you, for your knowledge and kind words, and I thank you very much for the knowledge you share here!