What is this and how this come about?

It seems a Burmese Bhikkhu was said to be voluntarily meditate and passed away subsequently.

What is this? How this happens?

At first, I find it disturbing…but then I recall a story in Visuddhimagga where in ancient Lanka, there was an Arahant Elder asked the monks that: have they seen a monk attains Parinibbana while standing. The monks replied “No.”, then the Elder said he will do so. He performs walking meditation. After a full extent of walk and turning back mid way, there the Elder attained Parinibbana while standing.

Anyone knows the name of that monastery?

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This isnt that surprising, if you go to any hospital or senior care facility, employees will often report cases of patients seemingly knowing when they will die. Its possible he knew it was his time and decided to go out meditating or something of that sort.