What is meant by Nibbedikaya?

In the Vyagghapajja Sutta, the Buddha mentioned four things that are conducive to the good and happiness of a noble son in the other world.


I understand the first three, but not sure about the fourth.

The Buddha said:"Herein a clansman is wise, is endowed with wisdom that leads to one’s development and with the noble penetrative insight (Nibbedikāya) that leads to the complete destruction of sufferings.

This is called the achievement of wisdom."

But what is the detailed meaning of this Nibbedikāya term? How do we achieve that?

Does it mean we need to completely understand the five aggregates and know how it originated and ceases through meditation?

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It looks like it is the instrumental case. If you used TPR or TPP you would have dpd included. You can search for the word and then click on it. If you get a dpd match it should be quite correct. It won’t give you part of a compound unless you see a word breakup outside of the definition.



All wisdom gathered in vipassanā ñāna seems to be the paññā here, since it is the only one which is really penetrative and leads one to the destruction of suffering

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