What exactly dying mindfully is?

I know it is not only marnanu sati…
Basically I want to ask how a non practitioners can die mindfully.?

I understand that Vipassana followers can die mindfully due to there practice and there confidence on there virtues. For them conditions will ripe.

But can we tell to the person on deathbed to die mindfully. Can we help him. ?

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You should not encourage death. You should only encourage mindfulness. In Theravāda Monasticism. Encouraging death even by words to make a peaceful death can lead to pārājika (defeat) if all the factors check out.


Your last thought influences where you go after death. So dying mindfully would be to meditate while dying or think of good deeds you’ve done. If someone is on their deathbed and you wanted to assist them, you would remind them of all the good merit they have done in their life and tell them to reflect on it, as to increase the chances of a positive rebirth.


But last thought or gati nimmita is something which we cannot decide…
It appears as whatever’s kamma minds peck we we do not have control over it .
I know ther are some weighty kamma , habitual kamma and many more …still we do not have 100% control over it .


Everything has the characteristic of uncontrollability.
There is no such thing as perfect control.

There is no such thing as a self as there’s no one that adverts power.
It’s merely nama-rupa.
How come anything be anyone’s when no one has complete control over anything?

There’s no viewer, only viewing.
No doer of a deed or one who reaps results.

Phenomena alone indeed flow on.

Yes but u do not have control over which nama Rupa will generate as gati nimmita at death


There were no you, me, I, mine, myself, etc. to begin with.