What Does The Buddha Mean When He Says That, 'Choices are impermanent.'?

I do understand that choices are impermanent. But what are choices being referred to here? And, how exactly are they impermanent? It would be very helpful to clarify this. May it be so that all understand the Dhamma and attain Nibbana.

What is the pali word for ‘choices’?

In any event all dhammas, all realities are conditioned and there is no self anywhere managing things.

Ajahn Sujato.
I think that is his def of sankhara.

I’m half to blame… we use his translation in TPR :slight_smile:

iti saṅkhārā, iti saṅkhārānaṃ samudayo, iti saṅkhārānaṃ atthaṅgamo;
such are choices, such is the origin of choices, such is the ending of choices.
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