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I’m very happy about a modern server (Discourse) and like minded individuals to join in a proper Classical Theravada Dhamma Discussion as a main focus. The software provided by Discourse.org is easy to edit, markup, add attachments, quote, and provide direct links to posts or individual comments on a post. I am so grateful for this.

@RobertK has been keeping this going for 2 years on shared server even though only 3 people joined. As the fourth member, I approached him about moving the serveer to its own home. Within a few days, everything was finished. Many thanks to user @kokoye2007 for the volunteer work to help set things up, in addition to his technical help with other issues. User @Sandeep pre-paid-donated the server costs for over 1 year.


I think one of the major lack in the internet realm seems fulfilled by this skillful act.

Out of the three realms of existence, we are living in the sensual realm, and the human plane is a major part of it. In the modern era the internet realm also has become a major part of the human realm.

Nevertheless, there has not been existing a successful Discussion Board for the Classical Theravadins where unorthodox people do not dominate.

With the merits of this act may the good expectations of the contributors be fulfilled soon.


If you use Chrome browser and you have a careful eye, you can click on “downloading app”. It works for both phones and desktop. I have it on my home screen on my phone and also on the desktop. It is a searchable app from the desktop launcher.
If you missed it, delete the cookie for classicaltheravada and then sign-in again… look in the upper right corner near or inside the address bar.

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Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

May the true Dhamma prevails ! May Vibhajjavada prospers !


Yes, at least, people will see that Classical Theravada is different.

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