Was The Buddha Bald?

I don’t really know because of contradicting answers from various ordained theravadin monks.

No he had snail like hair. This is covered in my post.

If the buddha wasn’t bald himself then why were all of his discples bald? Is it improper for anyone besides the buddha himself to be with hair on the head? Why is it improper for anyone else other than the buddha to have hair on the head? Is one of the reasons because it leads to vanity? And, I have a feeling that having hair was necessary in order for others to figure out the 32 marks of a great man?

Did the buddha have a beard too then? It feels weird thinking about the buddha with a beard, I much prefer him clean-shaven. I am pretty sure we don’t think about the buddha with a beard when we think of the buddha.

Did the buddha ever shave his head? Did the buddha ever shave his beard? Did the buddha have body hair and if so, did he shave his body hair?

I have actually been making a post on shaving since a little while ago. It will most likely be released this coming weekend.

In general, The Buddha is special. Do not compare his body with others who have far less parami. The rule is: The length must not grow more than 2 fingers breadths or 2 months… Whatever comes first.