Uposatha Sila and Atthanga Sila

Is “Uposatha observance” means taking eight precepts?

There are 4 uposathas for a month.
In Abuddhuppada it was skipping later meal and observing some kind of precepts on uposatha days.
In Buddhuppada,
For lay people: Observing 8 or 10 precepts (on all the 4 uposathas or on 2 or at least 1)
For Bhikkhus: Chanting Patimokkha (on 2 uposathas)
For Samaneras: Renewing/purifying Sila after bhikkhus chanted Patimokkha

For lay people and samaneras it is considered not a rule, but generally done.

Thanks for the information.

Sometimes I will observe 8 precepts on those full moon day. Meanwhile, I observe Five Precepts during the normal days and it’s been my family tradition too (took a great effort though because we aren’t from Buddhist culture or society, and no beers or alcoholic beverages since more than 10 years ago till now)…

But I think I need to be more diligent…

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