Tipitaka Pali Reader

Tipitaka Pāḷi Reader

A New Pāḷi Reader is on the block.

You can try it out.
Dictionaries Included:

  • PEU which is useful for reading commentaries
  • DPD which is useful for Mula and some commentaries.

Future plans are to have:

  • Dictionaries that can be downloaded and imported and updated
  • Pāḷi/English books to download and import
  • Anki
  • Synchronization of notes and history, etc between devices

The reading experience for mobile is superior to anything else.
I still like TPP at the moment for desktop because of Pāḷi/English but that will change hopefully change by early 2023. You can try it out and share with other communities and friends.

I hope you all like the logo. Does it look familiar? :innocent:
It might be possible to put subtle messages inside the app about the importance of 3 baskets and commentaries. Goenka includes The Art of Living in the vri cd which was once one of the only options for Pali Readers. However, I don’t want to put links to this website. But I could promote the term “classical theravada”

This video teaches you how to add Paḷi / English to the TPR app.


I wish I had this 10 years ago! I was taking an online self taught Pali course and gave up due to lack of resources. Some day I need to get back into it! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: