Those Who Follow Only Suttas

You must be new to English Dhamma circles. :laughing:
Take a look at two of the monks listed in this topic.

We should focus on what is useful and not focus on saving the world from what is not useful.
EBT tries to focus on what is wrong and save the world but it is counter productive. There are many variations of such EBT and they seem to disagree with each other because fault finding is their nature .
I have no problem with a monk who focuses on a single sutta and nothing else. It is the monks who criticize other works that is a problem.

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What Bhante Subhuti said is true.

I might suggest to the people who doubted the commentaries…if you don’t feel like to read it, you can leave it aside, that’s fine. That is your personal choice. But please don’t turn around and bite senselessly.

Other than English “EBT” circle, in Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, there are similar campaign too. In Thailand, it is “Buddhawajana” trend from Wat Nongpaphong, led by a monk by Ajahn Kukrit. He compiled some scriptures based on Thai modern translation (that he thought is authentic) and put it as “Buddhawajana” books. And he claimed by read these books published by him, the real Buddha’s teachings can be known. By doing this, not only he attempted to replace the Pāli Tipitaka canon, change the order of scriptures and discarded many of the teachings, rejected 227 precepts system… essentially he divided the Buddhist communities into two: a community that uphold Pāli Tipitaka canon and another uphold Ajahn Kukrit’s “Buddhawajana” books. Now both these communities are often quarrel and indeed sad to see this happening in Thai Buddhist circle.

In Malaysia, LP Dhammavuddho (deceased) taught and written many things saying that only Nikayas are teachings of the Buddha but not Abhidhamma Pitaka and Atthakatha. He is indeed err as he don’t even know the meaning of Nikaya arrangement. While alive, he went on preaching wrong view such as “Antarabhava”, there is a “Soul” in the body, “Soul” will leave the physical body as an identity searching for rebirth, and other folk superstition such as give food offering directly to Peta (hungry ghosts). Many local Buddhists led to believe these sort of things and turned superstitious. Even now he is dead, the damage is done. What an unfortunate event.

I can’t help to but think that now Buddhasasana is walking towards its disappearance due to all these misguided people. Buddhasasana will never be destroyed by outer factors such as war or famine; rather it will be destroyed by inner factors such as misinterpretation, cutting down Vinayas, preaching wrong views as right views, etc.


I have been to a monastery in Chicago that has all of his literature and the monk who lives there says he does not follow Ajhan Kukrit but follows The Buddha. He is basically a follower or from the same movement. He is the same including the 150 patimokkha rules.

I am not sure if they have ordained anyone or created simas, but questions should be asked about their procedures since they reject all commentary . This is how a split can occur from suttanta only.

This monastery in Chicago is a “rock in a hard place”. They follow basic vinaya but vinaya monks don’t want to go there. Money-using-monks are not welcome there, so there is only one monk there. The followers are in their 70s or 80s.
The descendents from these are not so Buddhist from years of dhamma-is-chanting-food-giving-money abuses.

a person can support himself in any portion of the Canon he can feel. There is no reason to reject the presence of the rest which can be useful for other people from 2.500 years ago.

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