This is how I understood Dhamma

I was about to ask …
If someone have certain perspective, certain view, e.g. a butcher who kill animals for living. But whatever faith he follows his faith don’t discouraged him not to do so. But instead encountered him that it is ok to kill if u remember God before doing so . You can kill for God . You can even kill non believers.

In This scenario he is committing bad deeds ( specially when it comes to human killing) but i thought as he was encouraged by his religion. May be at the time of death for him there is no bad nimmita. because there is no guilt in him. He is confident that he had did his deeds in accordance of his believe. He is confident that he is good and going to heaven. May be that confidence leading him to heaven.

But after thinking I understood that. No matter how you confident while commenting a certain deed. If it is bad it will generate only bad chitta, bad chetasika, and those bad chitta and chetasika have tendency to pull you down
So It will pull you to hell only. if you take life regardless your confidence…same for all shila.

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Yes… that is the biggest danger of wrong view and doing bad things coupled with wrong view. It is sure to pull you down especially if you don’t see or know your wrong doings up to the time of death.