Theravada and Mahayana

I want to ask about …

How much Theravada monks respect Mahayana monks…

Do Theravada monks also thinking that higher lamas are Bodhisattva.

I think they are not Bodhisattva now. But they are strongly desiring to be one …and in one life they will come in contact with buddha and will recieve profacy.

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We acknowledge them as monks.
However we do not acknowledge them as Theravāda monks, or “in communion” with theravāda monks. We do not recognize them as upasampada theravāda bhikkhus. Most Mahāyāna bhikshus break the rules regarding money, yet they are allowed to make donations to vinaya monasteries. If they were in communion with us, their donations would not be allowable. The same is true with Mahāyāna bhikshunis. In short, the rules, ordinations are treated like non-fully-ordained Theravāda, but higher than lay people.

They still live with Pa-Auk monastics in separate kutis of course. They are donors at Pa-Auk and Na-Uyana. They totally know the view and why these monasteries will accept their donations.

When getting food, the Mahāyāna monastics are after the sāmaṇeras, but before the lay people. They are considered higher and not disrespected in that sense.

When going to a Mahāyana monastery, I will not bow to a senior monk, but I might put my hands together to show a friendly gesture which they would also do the same to show equal recognition that the other is a monk…but different.

The Mahāyāna believe we are all in communion though. They ordain in Theravāda and do not renounce their own monkhood before doing so, keeping dual ordinations. Many Theravāda monks do not like this practice. It is controversial if they put on Mahāyāna robes after taking Theravāda ordinations. The last I heard, Na-Uyana makes Mahāyāna monks renounce their ordination before joining Theravāda Samaṇera. The Myanmar or Pa-Auk, do not care because ordination status according to technical details is not recognized. Therefore, the last I checked, they can ordain in Myanmar as “dual ordination”.

Controversial is officially decided when they die and get the positive or negative results.

A Chinese Mahāyāna monk ordained in Pa-Auk as Theravāda and later went to the USA to get a graduate degree, dressed like a Mahāyāna while doing Mahāyāna lax rules. He was hit by a car while riding a bicycle and died.