The development of metta

Though I have read the Path of Purification, I ask for an exhaustive guide to Mettā Bhāvana, as it is, for me, the easiest one to practice out of the Four Divine Abodes.

This index entry gives you most of the suttas related to mettā:


A useful book


Yes, it is a very easy method to do since easily concentrating the mind is one of the 11 results of metta. There are technical methods such as the visuddhimagga. That is best. Knowing and Seeing also has a technical method. That is also good. If you can practice this way through the visualization, this is best.

A simple alternative method’s are available in guided meditations on youtube. many places. Best wishes… (no pun intended).

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We can start with interactions with other people, or even thoughts about others.
Do we wish them happiness and see them as friends…
Maybe we just don’t care much about them or see them as competitors?

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Perhaps if you do this long enough… you will do things like this

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Khanda Paritta is often seen as an extension of the metta sutta.
It is required for forest monks to chant this everyday.

Apādakehi me mettaṁ, mettaṁ dvipādakehi me,
I am friendly with those without feet, with those with two feet I am friendly,

catuppadehi me mettaṁ, mettaṁ bahuppadehi me.
I am friendly with those with four feet, with those with many feet I am friendly. [2]

Mā maṁ apādako hiṁsi, mā maṁ hiṁsi dvipādako,
May the one without feet not hurt me, may the one with two feet not hurt me,

mā maṁ catuppado hiṁsi, mā maṁ hiṁsi bahuppado.
may the one with four feet not hurt me, may the one with many feet not hurt me. [3]

Sabbe sattā, sabbe pāṇā, sabbe bhūtā ca kevalā,
May all beings, all living creatures, all who are born, in their entirety,

sabbe bhadrāni passantu, mā kañci pāpam-āgamā.
may all see prosperity, may nothing bad come to anyone. [4]

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