The Buddha Is Alive

Those who say that the buddha is not alive anymore are only partly right, they don’t know the whole story. Sure, the buddha that attained parinibbana is gone but there is still the dhammakayika buddha. So, please, don’t think that the buddha is dead, he is still alive.
Those who have faith that the dhammakayika buddha is still alive will be able to attain nibbana.

And what is the evidence for that?

You are right, I just read somewhere that something called the dhammakayika buddha is still alive but I don’t really know what it is.

It definitely isn’t the buddha that attained parinibbana though. I think it meant the teachings of the buddha still surviving and might be referring to the 84,000 dhamma khandas.

I think there is dhammakayika something related to it from thailand, perhaps a heretical school?

Yes, heretical :expressionless:


The buddha attained parinibbana long ago. There is no historical buddha anymore.

Point taken, I am not a heretic though. I was born in an orthodox theravadan household although none of my family members know as much as I do about the buddha’s teachings.