Term difference (Rupakkhandha and Rupupadanakkhandha)

What is the difference between Rupakkhandha and Rupupadanakkhandha ?

Any specific explanation given by Theravada tradition?

A hard topic.
Bhikkhu Bodhi
note 65 to the khandhavagga in Connected discourses.

This sutta is quoted and discussed at Vism 477-78
(Ppn 14:214-15), in relation to the difference between the
aggregates and the aggregates subject to clinging. The key
,terms distinguishing the pancupadanakkhanda from the
pancakkhandha are sasava upadaniya, “with taints and subject
to clinging.” The pancupadanakkhanda are included with-
in the pancakkhandha, for all members of the former set
must also be members of the latter set. However, the fact
that a distinction is drawn between them implies that there
are khandha which are anasava anupadaniya, “untainted and
not subject to clinging.” On first consideration it would
seem that the “bare aggregates” are those of the arahant,
who has eliminated the asava and upadana.
However,in the
Abhidhamma all rupa is classified as sasava and upadaniya,
and so too the resultant (vipaka) and functional (kiriya)
mental aggregates of the arahant (see Dhs §§1103, 1219).
The only aggregates classed as anasava and anupadanya are
the four mental aggregates occurring on the cognitive
occasions of the four supramundane paths and fruits (see
Dhs 991104, 1220).
The reason for this is that sasava and
upadaniya do not mean “accompanied by taints and by
clinging,” but “capable of being taken as the objects of the
taints and of clinging,” and the arahant’s mundane aggre-
gates can be taken as objects of the taints and clinging 4
others (see As 347).For a detailed study of this problem, see
Bodhi, “Aggregates and Clinging Aggregates.”

Spk: Among the five aggregates the form aggregate is of
the sense sphere, the other four aggregates are of the four
planes (sense sphere, form sphere, formless sphere, supra-
mundane). With taints (sasava )means: what becomes a con-
dition for the taints by way of object; so too that can be clung
to (upadaniya)means what becomes a condition for clinging .
[Spk-pf:by being made its object]. Among the aggregates
subject to clinging, stated by way of the practice of insight,
the form aggregate is sense sphere, the others pertain to the
three planes (i.e., excluding only the supramundane)

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