Sutta References for Lobha is weak yet hard to lose, Dosa is strong but quicky to lose

Hi, everyone.

Once I had listened a sermon by a Bhikkhu, he said something more or less like this:

Can you help me which sutta is this?

Thank you.

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Anguttara nikaya 3: 68

‘Greed, reverends, is mildly blameworthy, but slow to fade away. Hate is very blameworthy, but quick to fade away. Delusion is very blameworthy, and slow to fade away.’
‘rāgo kho, āvuso, appasāvajjo dandhavirāgī, doso mahāsāvajjo khippavirāgī, moho mahāsāvajjo dandhavirāgī’ti.



Thank you for ended my searching.
I’m so glad. More or less a year since first time I heard about this.