Some very useful sites


The paliaudio is only english… If you are interested in the actual pali and can “feel” your way around the tipitaka books, might be interesting. (It is AI generated)


There are some in Pali, e.g.

Chanted by a Sri Lankan monk.

There is also a companion to the citation helper:

It’s an instant search. And you can turn on fuzzy search to ignore diacritics, double consonants ans aspirations. You can also click to get a markdown version that is easy to paste into the forum. E.g. MN 2 Sabbāsava

It’s a bit more obscure, but there is also a sutta differ to compare two suttas ans spot the differences.


Welcome to the forum Gijjhakuta. Your recommendations are excellent, please add more if you know of other ones.

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Well, the most useful one is the Citation Helper. There is kind of a hidden feature to grab all the links as html, which could be pasted on a forum like this. Look under the info tab. (I don’t have the privledge of adding images, otherwise I would show you.

And don’t miss hovering over the sutta name to get a short blurb about it:

There is a link up tool for turning citations into links to SuttaCentral:

So if you were writing up a response that had lots of citations in it you could paste it into that tool and then get text for whatever type of forum you were using.

There is also a Book Builder that will create an html doc of entire Sutta Pitaka books from SuttaCentral. Recently SC published official downloads of books as html, but this offers Pali-English as well:

And now there is also an Anthology Builder that will take a set of instructions and pull together a whole book of whatever suttas you want. Currently it only works for Bhante Sujato’s translations.

Both of these are using the same API that powers, so you are always getting the latest suttas.

And if folks are on a low bandwidth/low data connection, there is this interface for SuttaCentral that only weighs about 10kb:

Of course the text of the sutta itself takes up some data, but you would also have to download that if you were using the regular site interface. And it’s super fast. Obviously you don’t get all the goodies that come with the real website, but it has its place. There is also a secret hot-key of s to make the Pali and English side by side instead of line by line.


If you are interested in Pāḷi English, there are extensions that can be added to TPR with the mula suttacentral texts. They are useful in this app because they are offline once they are downloaded and one can use the TPR dictionary helper for looking up words.

If @Gijjhakuta you are a programmer, we would like to add more extensions for TPR.


Unfortunately not. What little javascript I’m able to wrangle barely works.

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Pali Tipitaka and Atthakatha in Thai

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