Some of the stats on CT

This is just to let you know that classical-theravada-org started nearly a year ago (11 months ago) and we have had a total of 2.5k posts so far.
We also have nearly 100 users with a few dummy-test users included.

This amount of activity has far exceeded our expectations when we first started the revamped version of @RobertK 's website. He kept an earlier version of CT going basically with himself mostly posting alone for two years before I got gave up on dhammawheel, joined the Robert’s site and then proposed a new solution. Because of that, we had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

In the end, we are still a very small group compared to dhammawheel’s 1 million posts in 10 years but I think we are all happy with the results of the small group and I wanted to share that with you.


Congratulations! This group is very helpful in understanding and practicing the Dharma. The fact that you are very active has helped me a lot. Thank you very much for your work.


You can get millions of new age Buddhists to an event in the west but only a handful of religious Buddhists and even less classical/traditional Buddhists.

Quality not quantity. You’ve done a great job.


I agree and can relate to that. I’ve had some traditional Buddhist programs and retreats at my place and the turnout was typically 2 to 8 people; for regular recurring programs closer to the ‘two’ number. When I had a Buddhist teacher give a talk who was more New Agey than Buddhist, the turnout was over 100 people, nearly 200 people. We had to hold it outside, there were so many people that showed up.


Yes. Anumodami!

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