Sexual misconduct, bodily, mentally and verbal

I want to ask …
Is a sila break by bodily action against that perticular sila. ?
Mentaly action against that sila.?
And verbal action against that sila.?

In case of sexual misconduct…
sila breask if we engage in sexual act with certain criteria of individual (guarded by father, mother, family).

But I want to ask

  1. does sila break if two persons do sex. And they are agree for that ( even one of them is fall under Buddha’s guarded person criteria)…

And what kind of kamma and vipaka will be …

  1. if one of them act as seducer for other or one is first person to ask other. Even other is agree to do the act

What kind of vipaka (kamma result) for

  1. watching a porn …
  2. for mentality imagine some in sex act.
  3. for verbally speaking of sexual act in front of other to seduce them …

In general what kind of vipaka (kamma result) for a seducer

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This should answer most of the questions. The main thing is you need to understand the multi-life view. What about next life or the next 10 lives? What habits are being made? What are you “wishing for” ? Do you really want those wishes to come true? Really? What if you are forced to marry anyone in the future life that you mentally fantasize with now? These are the answers.


Wow bhante …such a detailed explanation…I am happy and i did get answers…i should start my practice seriously…


:pray:t2:Hello bhante. Grateful for the sharing. I also downloaded it for my later read.

Thank you Bhante for sharing here.

Sabbadanam Dhammadanam Jinati. :pray:t2:

Anumodana, Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu