Request: The ability to make polls :) Thoughts?

Would anyone else like this ability? Is it even feasible?

EDIT: This was meant to be posted in “Site Feedback” apologies. I don’t see a way to delete it.

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It is already enabled by default. Click on the settings Icon, and you will see a menu item.
I will do here:

What is your favorite Nikaya from the 4 listed?

  • DN
  • MN
  • SN
  • AN
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Wow, How Dumb is Zan for Making this Post (He Even Checked the Settings Area Before Making it, and Still Missed it) lol! :rofl:

Seriously, though, thank you, Venerable, and sorry for missing that and making this pointless post. I didn’t realize the settings menu scrolls, so I didn’t see it.

Side note: This forum is really well done, and has so many intuitive features and settings. The side by side editor where you can see how it will look, the search in page option, the poll option, and so on, and so on. It’s much more intuitive than most other forums.

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