Reality of time in heaven hell and on earth

I was just thinking …

100 years on earth is one day in heaven…so if heavenly being dies and born on earth …he do merits and reborn in heaven again…it’s like he just went out from heaven for just 1 day. And he can meet his god friends again…same for hell…

But if suppose I born in heaven in next life …and i spend 100 years there …I will miss this modern science age on earth… It’s better to born as humans everytime I think…

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I would think that heavenly bliss, power and happiness would be better than basically any human technology, conceivable in the near or mid future.

Consider that gods do not need to feel hunger or thirst, and old age for them is not like human beings.

I don’t think there’s any source that says hell time works the same way as heaven time.

Anyway, also consider global warming, and that we are living in a relatively peaceful era of humanity’s history and that scientific progress is an anomaly in history, not an inevitable thing.


@Paññādhammika If you have not read all of Buddhist Legends, I recommend you do. They are the stories of the Dhammapada. These volumes were some of the very first books translated into English because most Dhammatalks by monks are often based on these stories as well as the dhammapada verses.

Back to the question of The Reality of Time… This is exactly like this story here:

Book IV. Flowers, Puppha Vagga
Patipūjikāyavatthu (48)

IV. 4. Husband-Honorer
… (near the end… this is said).
One day she gave alms, rendered honor to the monks, {1.364} listened to the Law, and kept the precepts, and at the end of that day died of some sudden sickness and was reborn with her former husband. During all that time the other celestial nymphs were decking the god with flowers. When the god Garland-wearer saw her, he said, “We have not seen you since morning. Where have you been?” “I passed from this existence, husband.” “What say you?” “Precisely so, husband.” “Where were you reborn?” “In a family of station at Sāvatthi.” “How long a time did you remain there?”

“At the end of the tenth lunar month I issued from the womb of my mother. When I was sixteen years old, I married into another family. I bore four sons, gave alms, and rendered honor to the monks, making an Earnest Wish to return and be reborn with you, husband.” “How long is the life of men?” “Only a hundred years.” “So short as that?” “Yes, husband.” “If men are reborn with so short a time as that to live, do they spend their time asleep and heedless, or do they give alms and render honor?” “What say you, husband? Men are ever heedless, as if reborn with an incalculable number of years to live, as if in no wise subject to old age and death.”

The god Garland-wearer was greatly agitated. Said he, “If, as you say, men are reborn with only a hundred years to live, and if [29.48] they lie heedless and asleep, when will they ever obtain Release from Suffering?” (Now a hundred of our years are equivalent to a night and a day in the World of the Thirty-three Gods, thirty such nights and days make up a month, twelve such months make up a year, and the length of their lives is a thousand such celestial years; {1.365} or, in human reckoning, thirty-six million years. Thus it was that for that god not a single day had passed; nay, not more than a moment of time. Therefore thought he to himself, “If the life of men is so short, it is highly improper for them to give themselves up to a life of heedlessness.”)


Just the last few stories left. I finished 2 other picture books on dhammapada stories, as well as an anki deck for the pāli for the vassa which just passed.

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Sounds like you are working with summary stories. Best to read the real thing. There is a huge difference. Any CT’er will tell you. It is such a great 3 volumes. I still remember how happy I was when I was reading the stories and the satisfaction of closing the book after each story.

I’m part of the cause for those books to be donated to the library by ven dhammaratana. He made me read every page… but that is another story to tell. Please read these books. They are at Na-Uyana, in print, in the original PTS published books. Don’t take shortcuts.

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the 2 picture books are summaries, and I also read the original, yes the 3 books. Book 1 introduction and summary I still not yet read, but I am now at book 3, last few stories left.

I get to enjoy to see how the summaries left out a lot of things sometimes by reading this way.


So i basically have three more questions and thoughts on this …

  1. as we succeed to higher and higher heaven the time period compared to previous world is increasing by 100 x…but i think no matter in which world you are you will perceive time the same…that mean even you are in tavtimsa your 100yrs will pass like 100yrs of humans… only the difference is if you again born in human world large amount of time already had passed…

  2. in heaven there is no way that god’s can commit bodily unwholesome…like they can’t kill, still, beat, or lie.
    But they can only do sex and jealously ( in the catagory of unwholesome) so if any Deva manage to avoid this two he can reborn again in Deva as his near death chitta will be only wholesome

  3. I want to ask can Devas able to do meritorious deeds . They can observe shila and can easily able to do meditation jhana …but when it comes to Dana I don’t think they can do it …but there are stories that Deva gave Dana to arhat monks …like buddha and some evern try to give mahakassapa.

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Only 4 times each level up for the 6 sensual deva realms.

What about the war with asuras?

I think Sakka sort of lied when he pretended to be poor to be able to give alms to Maha Kassapa (dhammapada story)

You already answered 3 yourself.

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Actually only devas of some like charumaharajik and and heaven where shaka rule go for war… higher devas do not go for war…

And I’m there daily life there is no situation for lie , to kill, …

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