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Hi Nripendra.
As you have many questions please keep them to this topic so as not to disorganise the forum.
If a question gets many reponses we will make a separate topic for that.

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Oh, I see. I am sorry about that. I didn’t really know how to keep them in one place but it seems that’s now solved at least for this section about sila.

So, where does morality actually come from?

Can I ask questions that might belong to another section like abhidhamma other than about sila here?

Yes sure. I expect that some of your questions will get a lot of interest and in that case the question and replies will be moved to their own thread in the most suitable category. Ones that only get a couple of replies can just remain in this thread.

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I see. Many thanks for clarifying this.

May you escape the net.

Buddhist monks in Japan have wifes!? Isn’t that against buddhism? Even against Mahayana buddhism?

Does asking too many questions = Bad kamma?

This is obviously a joke here but in all seriousness, does it actually generate bad kamma?

What is the best/most pleasurable sight, sound, smell, taste, touch?

It’s different for sure. :smiley:

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I have also heard that only those born in the family of monks can become monks in Japan. Is that true?

Definitely not akusala kamma patha.

Questions can be asked with a mind rooted in kusala or akusala.

Generally asking questions - and considering the replies- is one way wisdom develops. But it depends on asking the right person as to whether the reply is useful.

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It tends to be a hereditary post. But sometimes a keen devotee may take the role.

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Oh, I see. Their buddhism is definitely fanfiction to me.

What are the kammic results of wishing to have a fictional character as a partner?

I have seen some Japanese people marry vocaloids which are fictional characters and then there are those who marry burritos.

I deleted some of your topics that didn`t get a reply. Many of the questions were very good, so please repost them here if you have time.

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They talk about the sight, touch, sound of a woman for men and vv and being highly desirable.

Then there is a passage in the Commentary to the Dhammasangani when it describes the day the Buddha descended the jeweled staircase after expounding the Abhidhamma - it is said that all who saw this had great awe and desire.

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I add some more about the benefits of asking questions ( good ones).
From the Dispeller of Delusion. Section on Satipatthana

  1. |276| Furthermore, seven things lead to the arising of the
    investigation-o£-states enlightenment factor: (1) asking questions,
    (2) the act of cleansing the basis, (3) imparting of evenness to the
    five faculties, (4) avoidance of persons of no understanding, (5)
    cultivation of persons of understanding, (6) reviewing the field for
    the exercise of profound knowledge, (7) being resolved thereon.
  2. Herein, (1) “asking questions” is repeated questioning about
    the meaning of the aggregates, elements, bases, faculties, powers,
    enlightenment factors, path factors, jhäna factors, tranquillity and **
    > insight.
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I have honestly forgotten many of those questions that I asked. I hope I remember them. I had a question about the lights that emanated from the buddha when he was enlightened.

Does an arahant too emanate those lights when they become arahants?

Is love conditional?

It certainly can be conditional and even more so nowadays. Just look at Jeremy Meeks. Girls got him out of prison just because of his outward appearance. That should tell a lot about love being conditional. Love can be said as attraction to forms.

If all of existence is conditioned, doesn’t that mean ‘romantic love’ is also conditioned?

This section reminds me of Milindapanha for some reason.

Which is the best?

Beauty, Money, Power, Wisdom, Merit?