Peter Masefield (Translator of several important Pali texts) 1943–2020


I recently learned that the Pali scholar Peter Masefield passed away in Bangkok on September 7, 2020.
His translations for the PTS include
The Itivuttaka Commentary by Dhammapāla (2008 -2009).
The Udana and its Commentary
The Vimanavathhu and its Commentary

He was working on a translation of the Cariyāpiṭaka , and its commentary at the time of his death.

I knew Peter from my time in Sydney (circa 1994) where I (along with 2 or three others) used to take Pali lessons which he kindly offered for free every Sunday at a Buddhist Library.
His translations are top -notch and IMO probably as good as those of the great Pali scholar of our era, Bhikkhu Bodhi. Ven. Bodhi is of course far more prolific.

There is an excellent interview with him here:

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