Pattichasamutpada and kamma

So as we all know… pattichasamutpada
It says attachment - becoming - birth
As well as in whole pattichasamutpada cycle kamma is not placed as a condition by buddha.
And it seems true as other schools used to believe (Jain’s specifically) that till u remove all your kamma you cannot be liberated.
But by the example of angulimala buddha showed us that irrespective of kamma one can libarate if he tries right way…( Vipassana)

It’s almost look like there is no place for kamma in pattichasamutpada.
Still kamma is crucial in Buddhist philosophy.

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As well as in whole pattichasamutpada cycle kamma is not placed as a condition by buddha.

“saṅkhārapaccayā viññāṇaṁ” = "with [volitional] formations as condition, consciousness (come to be).

Here consciousness is patisandhicitta (the first consciousness-moment of a new existence), which is vipaka citta, and vipaka cittas are only born of kamma (to be precise, kamma is crucial and unremovable factor of their arising). Kamma here is sankaharas, i.e. various volitions of non-arahants. In brief, the text actually says here that “kamma produces a new life”.

“upādānapaccayā bhavo; bhavapaccayā jāti;” = “with clinging as condition, becoming; with becoming as condition, birth”

Here “becoming” means kamma-process becoming, i.e. process of accumulating kamma in act of clinging, and the becoming of this kind, being kamma, then produces birth, i.e. another patisandhicitta.

In total, kamma in the matika is actually mentioned twice.


Aṅgulimāla (as a lay person) did not create garuka kamma (heavy kamma). If he were a monk, he would have created another garuka kamma (while being a monk), for pārājika (killing a human). An ariya monk in general, cannot intentionally break a vinaya rule. Why? Because it would cause his attainments to lapse. But losing Nibbāna attainments cannot happen to a sotāpanna. (let’s save that debate for other threads).

What are the 5 acts that would prevent angulimāla who was a lay person from attaining?
from ratana sutta

chaccābhiṭhānāni abhabba kātuṃ



  • Killing Mother
  • Killing Father
  • Killing Arahant
  • Causing Truth Finder (Buddha) to bleed
  • Causing a schism in Saṅgha
  • Going to another teacher (not part of 5 weighty kamma, but a sotāpanna cannot do this).

Another weighty kamma is extreme wrong view. Usually coupled with wrong speech and action.

Later Ven. Aṅgulimāla Thera became a monk and was an arahant. He did not break any offences.
We have a Paritta from him.

Parittaṁ yaṁ bhaṇantassa – nisinnaṭṭhāna dhovanaṁ
Udaka’mpi vināseti – sabbameva parissayaṁ
Sotthinā gabbha vuṭṭhānaṁ – yañ ca sādheti taṁ khaṇe
Therassaṅgulimālassa – lokanāthena bhāsitaṁ
Kappaṭṭhāyiṁ mahātejaṁ – parittaṁ taṁ bhaṇāmahe

Even the water that is used to wash / the seat which Arahant Aṅgulimāla sat on / and recited this paritta, / that water can end all sufferings. If a pregnant mother suffers from any pain, / she will be well and be strong enough / to stand instantly. Now we shall recite that very powerful paritta / taught by the Buddha, / to Arahant Aṅgulimāla / which will hold its power for an aeon.

Yato’haṁ bhagini, ariyāya jātiya jāto nā’bhijānāmi saṁcicca pāṇaṁ jīvitā voropetā, tena saccena sotthi te hotu, sotthi gabbhassā’ti.
“Sister, from the day I was born / in the Noble Birth / which leads to supreme Nibbāna, / from that day on / I am not aware of myself / killing any living beings deliberately. By this truth / may you be well! / May the delivery of your child / be peaceful!”

Etena saccena suvatthi hotu!
By this truth, may there be well-being!
Angulimala Paritta – Colombo Dhamma Friends


Is this from Goenka Philosophy?

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There is no goenka philosophy master

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