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Note: Due to the good preparation of the data by SuttaCentral, it should be possible that when the links are opened, the first paragraph in the text is the right one. It is possible that a PTS position overflows into the next text. The marker is just the beginning of the spot. By looking up the next higher PTS number, you can find out where the previous digit ends. “Network Error” can mean that the link does not exist (e.g. there are not always translations of Bodhi). Abbreviations that start with capital letters can be looked up here. Please send errors etc. to

Note: Because of the data quality of Sutta Central it should be possible to jump to the first paragraph of the correct position when opening a link. There may occur an “overflow” into the next text, since the marked paragraph only references where the PTS pos. begins. To find out the end position simply look up the next higher number. “Network Error” most often means that the link is invalid. This happens ie because there are not always translations by Bodhi if linked to from here. Abbreviations starting with an uppercase letter can be looked up here . Please send error reports etc. to