Pa auk and na uyana (Sri Lanka)

What is the relation between pa Auk and nauyana… nauyana monestry have different head monk but still it come under pa auk search. …do they follow exactly same training methods? Did pa auk learn from there…

Please share


There is no administrative connection between Na-Uyana and Pa-Auk.
Na-Uyana does however teach the Pa-Auk method. When monks have finished the course or have shown promise to succeed or some other reason, they are often sent to Myanmar by Na-Uyana to get a new experience.

Na-Uyana also teaches other methods if requested. But Pa-Auk is preferred.
Ven Pa-Auk Sayadawgyi has been to Na-Uyana a few times and for maybe one year in 2007. That is the full story. There is nothing more to that.

Na-Uyana is famous because of Pa-Auk method. But maybe they would be famous for other reason had that not happened.

Pa-Auk and Na-Uyana both have dashes in their names because of double adjacent vowels that get pronounced. :grinning: