NidhiKanda sutta - about merit

The benefits of merit:

Nidhikaṇḍasutta—Bhikkhu Sujato

  • Basic Passages 8

A Hidden Treasure

A person stores away their savingsin a deep pit by the water’s edge:“When need arisesit will be there to help

free me from rulers if I am slandered,or from bandits if harassed,or to release me from debt,or in case of famine or losses.”What the world calls savingsget stored away for such reasons.

But no matter how well stored away they arein a deep pit by the water’s edge,all their savings will failto aid them all the time.

For perhaps those savings are removed from there,or they forget what marks the site,or dragons make off with them,or spirits carry them away,

or unloved heirssecretly unearth them.When their merit is used up,all of that will vanish.

But by giving and morality,restraint and self-control,a woman or mankeeps their savings safe.

At a shrine or with the Saṅgha,with mother or father,or else an elder sibling,

those savings are kept safe,they stay with you, undecaying.We must go on leaving all behind,only this you take when you go.

You don’t have to divide it with others,no thief makes off with your savings.A wise person would make merit,the savings that stay with you.

Such savings grant every desireof gods and humans too.Whatever it is that they wish forthrough this they have it all.

Good looks, a sweet voice,a good shape, and good appearance,leadership and followers:through this they have it all.

Sovereignty of a local kingdom,the happiness of a Wheel-Turning Monarch,even divine kingship in the heavens:through this they have it all.

> Human success,heavenly delight,attaining extinguishment:through this they have it all.

> Relying on having good friends,rational application of effort,mastery of knowledge and freedom:through this they have it all.

> Analytical knowledge, the liberations,the perfections of the disciple,the plane of an independent Buddha:through this they have it all.

> This accomplishment in meritis so very beneficial.That’s why the wise and the astute praise the making of merit.