Myanmar Government Translations of the Mula Texts

I was recently sent this from someone which has alternative free mula texts
Has anyone read these before?

It is posted by @monkSarana . I wonder if it is really copyrighted as indicated.
@monkSarana Usually they don’t really do copyright stuff on their works and there are no markings of copyright. No markings and public distribution usually voids all hopes for copyright on those editions (which could be good for us). See wikipedia on ACIM

ACIM consists of three sections: “Text”, “Workbook for Students”, and “Manual for Teachers”. Written from 1965 to 1972, some distribution occurred via photocopies before a hardcover edition was published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace.[6] The copyright and trademarks, which had been held by two foundations, were revoked in 2004[6] after lengthy litigation because the earliest versions had been circulated without a copyright notice

Hi bhante Subhūti, these books are freely available on the Myanmar government page of Tipitaka books. Therefore, I’d say they are works of the government and hence public domain, freely distributable.

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@monkSarana You registered these as creative commons copyright noderivs
It would be good if you can fix that… However, janaka says it is copyrighted and permission is requested for redist. I did not see it.

Well, I am not sure about the extent of the copyright. I do not wish that people take text from the books without quoting the author or that they make money of those books. That’s why I selected this type of copyright.