Mindfulness of Breathing BPS book

Mindfulness of Breathing is available for download in all 3 formats (pdf, html, mobi). You can get it at the bps online library for free. It is a wonderful gem of a book taking the most important items from the vsm related to the breath and putting into a small booklet. What are your thoughts on this?

HTML Version is below:


I have this book in print. I got it free from a temple that has a free library (don’t worry, I made a donation). Years later, someone I know was going through some emotional stress, and I went to the temple and got another copy for them. They said it changed their life, really helped them through a very dark time. For me, it was indispensable in learning mindfulness of breathing. The saw simile helped me to wrap my head around proper practice. I really enjoyed the Patisambhidamagga selections, as well. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for sharing this, Venerable!

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