Maximum Capacity of Bhavanga

Extracted from Ven. Maggavihari’s Sinhala lessons on Theravada.

  • When a person is born, he gets a certain Bhavanga (root mind) with a certain maximum capacity.
  • The bhavanga can be developed up to this max level but not beyond that.
  • When a person develops his mind by practicing Dhamma, the bhavanga of him gets developed.
  • A Dvihetuka bhavanga can not be developed into a Tihetuka bhavanga. (how ever much he tried)
  • The bhavanga of the King Vessantara (The Omniscient One’s previous human birth) can not be developed up to the Omniscience. But the bhavanga of King Siddhartha can be developed up to the Omniscience.
  • If one is heedless, he misses the opportunity to develop his bhavanga up to the maximum level possible.
  • The Omniscient One smiled (a rare occurrence) having seen the beggar Mahadhana Setthiputta, who was once the wealthiest man in the City born with a bhavanga that can be developed up to Arahant level.



it is not possible to summarize his talks like this. You should give a link to the relevant lectures in English. It sounds funny the way you are putting it. So try not to mislabel things. Bhavanga consciousness is fixed for the whole lifetime and repeats that way it will not change until the next patisandhi. You must be misquoting him or something is lost in translation.

You also are ambiguous with “maximum capacity”. . It would be best to find an English lecture or translate the whole lecture in full… or at least with more details.