"Mahavihara" Monk-University in Myanmar

Does anyone know more about this monk-university?
Are there forest monks?
Are they the prominent Vinaya practitioners in Burma?


It is located near Bodawnagone Village, Hmawbi Township, Yangon.


The main objective of the University is to bring out the virtuous monks, well-versed in Buddhist scriptures and foreign languages applicable in propagating and promoting the Buddha’s sasana. There goes a Buddha’s pavacana “Sīlaparidhota pānñā pānñā paridhotam sīlem”, meaning, “Morality is cleansed by wisdom and vice versa”. In other words, wisdom and morality should always go together. Hence, the Mahavihara Dhamma-vinaya University aims at producing many more virtuous, learned monks who can follow the Vinaya strictly and undertake missionary works in foreign countries.

The objective of establishing this university is not merely offering degree programmes as it is done in any other national university. This is an institution that has been established, to conduct advanced Buddhist studies and to co-ordinate with the Buddhist universities and other academic institutions which offer studies of Buddhism and related subjects all over the world in the fields of research, training, spiritual practice and education based on Buddhism. To achieve these objectives, teaching methodology and discipline shall be in accordance with the words of the Elders (Orthodox Bhikkhus): “Live and Practice in Buddhist traditional Ways, teach in Modern Methods”.