Javana & Citta-Vithi process numbers

Usually for very great object (atimahanta), 7 javana arise. In some other, rarer circumstances there are less javanas. Buddha’s twin miracle takes 4 javanas. His disciples (being slower) use 5 javanas to perform miracles.


  1. Why normally do 7 javana occur? What does the number of javana specify?

  2. Why does Citta-Vithi process has 17 cittas? Why can’t it be longer or shorter?


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dear Citta,
No “why” in such matters and it isn’t signifying anything. It is simply a description of the way things are.
It is all occuring now - but not understood at all.

It is very useful to know some of these details of the processes though, as it helps to embed the understanding of anatta and conditionality. Even the Buddha can’t change the order of the processes. It is nature itself, the Dhamma. But the Buddha could see and understand this and so passed it on to Sariputta and other disciples so that we are able to benefit to this day.

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