Is there arhat monks..?

I want to ask…

Is there arhat or anagami or sakadagami or sotapanna monks live in human world…
If someone develop deep meditation. Can he know about arhat or other monks with path and fruitation.
In suttapitaka some Deva used to help in guessing and naming fully enlightened person (bhaiya sutta)
As monks cannot disclose it to common person.

I am just curious. Becouse many people think that , to become arhat is impossible in this vary life. Many goenka followers ( ofcourse they don’t read philosophy or any texts) thinks they are just perfecting there parmis so in comming life they can be arhat…


I think easiest way to know is to become a monk yourself, mix in with the forest monastics a lot, get close to them, over hear or ask a lot to get some tips and ideas, or just become one yourself.

As you might well know, if monks know it we cannot tell, if we don’t have it, cannot lie.


Yup true …I wish I give Alam’s to 10000 arhants .

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