Is There Any Inherent Point To Anything?

I can’t see nor find any inherent point to anything including nibbana. Existence and non-existence are both inherently meaningless, it seems to me. No inherent point to suffering or release from it either. Although, certainly the release from the mass of suffering would be immensely desirable, it is stil,l I think, inherently meaningless. Nothing in existence or non-existence it seems, has any inherent meaning or point at all. The constant inconstancy of samsara is meaningless, change is meaningless, arising and ceasing is meaningless, contact with which is disliked is meaningless, separation from that which is liked is meaningless, not getting what one wants is meaningless, there is no inherent meaning in anything or at least I have found no such inherent meaning in anything. Nibbana may be the best state there is but even then it is without any inherent meaning attached to it, it is unconditioned after all, it cannot be attached with any meaning, or so I think. Love is meaningless, attachment to forms, feelings/sensations, perceptions, mental/volitional formations and consciousnesses is meaningless. Corporeality, citta/heart-mind, cetasika/mental factors, nibbana has no inherent meaning or so I think. Everything is empty of a self, there is no self at all. Everything is empty of inherent meaning, there is no inherent meaning at all. Everything lacks a self, including nibbana, Everything lacks inherent meaning, including nibbana. All conditioned and unconditioned things lack inherent meaning. Everything is meaningless. Everything is as though madness, it seems, especially if you know about the 31 planes of samsara. Is there any inherent point to anything at all?

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