Is it actually true that only one in a million people are capable of achieving even the first jhana?

I was aware of most of the story already. I just didn’t know that every living being would make it either to the arupa realms or be in hell when the world cycle was destroyed. I always just kinda assumed some wouldn’t make it or wouldn’t be able to cuz they’re animals or pretas at the time or something. And that those still on earth at the time of destruction would simply be reborn in a different world system

How interesting. I do recall that verse but that never occurred to me. I guess you are right tho. Just as we can’t imagine the time of metteyya Buddha where ppl live for 80,000 years and there is no disease. I suppose in the distant future we could indeed reach a societial state where nobody is reborn an animal or preta and every being can reach the high brahma realms before the world system is destroyed :thinking:

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And this my friend, is why the faithless dvi-pitakans reject the commentaries, even though this quote is from the suttas. :grinning: