In this life itself

This is about achieving Nibbana in this life itself.

Some years ago, I listened to a Dhamma Talk given by late most venerable Matara Nanarama, to residing meditators on believing the possibility of achieving Nibbana in this very life.

“Never think ‘I can achieve’ but think ‘Perhaps I can achieve’.
Otherwise you are judging your causes without really knowing their level.
In both cases what you have to do is the same thing,
which is continuing the practice until death.”

I would like to hear your opinions on this regard.

For me, Nibbāna attainment is impossible in this life. As I am not even attaining any Magga Phala yet.

Let me strive for at least Sotapatti Maggaphala…

Checklist for my case:

(1) Still have Sakkāyadiṭṭhi?
(2) Still have Vicikkiccha?
(3) Still have Silabbata paramasa?

(4) Understand Paṭiccasamuppāda in correct way?
(5) Unbroken virtues (Ariyakanta Sila) in laymen term?

As I have heard, attaining stream entry by a commoner is the most difficult phase than to an ariyan attaining arahantship. (Satti sutta, Gosinga sutta, Vala sutta, Saccavibhanga sutta … )The amount of suffering from which the attainer get released is compared as ‘Earth’ to ‘Nail’. (Nakhasikha sutta)

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