In the suttas, the term "Vipassanā" is most often expressed with the phrase: *X yathābhūtaṁ sammappaññāya daṭṭhabbaṁ*

This is a comment from Ven. Dhammanado to someone who tried to despise Vipassana using a biased analysis.

With the internet, the Texts have gone to the hands of people, who remind others the incident of “monkey with the razor.”

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Actually there was a rule (and still is a rule) that monks should not teach line by line to an unordained person (including samanera). At that time, the texts were only held in memory.

Pac. 4. Should any bhikkhu have an unordained person recite Dhamma
line by line (with him), it is to be confessed.

So now we have these analysis tool, and myself is to blame with TPR and TPP.
But we have SuttaCentral (non Theravada website) and DPR, as well as CSCD which started it all.