How will we know if our experiences are real?

Dear LA

Consider the ayatanas now eyebase,.mind base, mental-data
base etc.

Visuddhimagga XV:

1 The bases are the twelve bases, that is to say, the eye-base,

visible-data base, ear base, sound base, nose base, odour base, tongue
base, flavour base, body base, tangible-data base, mind base, mental-data

  1. As to how to be seen: here all formed bases should be regarded as
    having no provenance and no destination. for they do not come from
    anywhere prior to their rise, nor do they go anywhere after their fall.
    On the contrary, before their rise they had no individual essence
    , and after their fall their individual essences are completely
    dissolved. And they occur without mastery (being exercisable over them)
    since they exist in dependence on conditions and in between past and the
    future. Hence they should be regarded a having no provenance and no

Likewise they should be regarded as incurious and uninterested. for it
does not occur to the eye and the visible datum, etc, ‘Ah, that
consciousness might arise from our concurrence’. And as door, physical
basis, and object, they have no curiosity about, or interest in, arousing
consciousness. On the contrary, it is the absolute rule that the
eye-consciousness, etc, come into being with the union of the eye with
visible datum, and so on. So they should be regarded as incurious and

Imagine how they come together to meet , just for an instant, due to various conditions . Then disappear forever, and a new set arise. No self there that is arranging this. No self who can stop it happening. Yet the uninstructed worldling is ignorant of these very realities which are arising right now.
If we don’t learn to understand the nature of this as it is happening now, then satipatthana cannot develop. Then because of ignorance and tanha, another path will enthrall.

And satipatthana must be manifesting anatta, because that is the nature of reality.

We need to learn more about these dhammas that are occuring now.
From Mulapariyaya and Commentaries translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi:

The “uninstructed worldling” (p40 of Mulapariyaya)

needs to be taught, because he possesses neither learning(agama) nor achievement. For he who possesses neither the learning running counter to the activity of conceiving because he has neglected to study, question, and discriminate the aggregates (khandhas), elements, sense bases (ayatanas) truths, law of conditionality and foundations of mindfulness etc , nor spiritual achievement because he has failed to achieve what should be achieved by practice is said to be ‘uninstructed’.

Thus my claim is only panna, which is conditioned by wise consideration of the Dhamma, can lead to genuine satipatthana. And this comes in association with saddha, confidence. And leads to more understanding. A virtuous circle.


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